AI Generated Art, Now What?

AI Generated Art and NFTs...

Now, wouldn’t you say that it makes sense that one complex trend namely NFTS, would combine with yet another complex technology, AI Generated Art.

After all, you saw it coming...

Say Cheese!

One of the underlying characteristics of an NFT collection is to produce and showcase a number of iterations of an artwork.

Yes, that’s right, just like those crazy chimp images you’ve probably come across.

Well, here is the thing, it seems you can create variations of an image with the right AI art generator for minting NFTs artwork.

I say the right AI generator, because not all AI generators readily allow you to produce quality variations, at least not yet. Here are the reason why that might be.

What makes one AI generator different to another, especially in terms of results?

It’s all to do with the underlying algorithms and models used for generating AI images. 

Also, the size and quality of the training data, and the quality and quantity of the validation and testing procedures used during development. These all contribute as the main factors that can make one AI generator different from another in terms of results.

Other factors that can influence performance include the hardware and computational resources available for training and inference, as well as the tuning and optimization of hyper-parameters such as learning rates and regularization techniques. 

Now, besides this, the specific design decisions made by the developers of the AI generator, such as the choice of input / output formats and the level of customization or control offered to users, can also affect the results that the generator is able to produce.

In Our Tests Lexica Provides The Most Satisfying Results for Our Specific Vision...

Judging by all the different AI generators we have tried, we have found that, inevitably, your prompts will yield varying results across the different AI generators currently available online. 

This is of course, as explained above, something to do with the different algorithm and rendering configurations used.

Now, from first-hand experience Lexica has (so far) yielded the most satisfying and intuitive results.