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Download our Food for Thought on NFT Art for NFT collectors and artist.

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Everyone knows what a burger is. But how about a digital crypto-burger...

Are you ready to start exploring the possibilities of NFT Artwork?

NFT Music

New Tunes on The Block

Exploring NFT Music? Jump ahead with these useful insights, tips and listing. This is a work-in-progress and can be downloaded free in draft form.


Untangling The Grey Threads of NFT

Are your questions about NFTs only presenting more questions?

Well, as a programable digital artwork connected to a blockchain, for example, NFTs can serve as a secure and automated means for, let’s say, managing and protecting the distribution of your protected artwork...

Okay, that doesn’t sound very exciting. But wait...

I think, for a better understanding of the practical possible uses of NFT Art and blockchain technology, may require you to first try ignoring the association with currency (just for a while). 

And instead think more about how to incorporate NFT Art with resolving real problems or better ways of doing things.

If you are already in the business of producing artworks, it is very likely that your business can benefit from the use of blockchain technology.

Food for Thought...

Whilst the speculation and steps towards web3 progresses we play around with the idea of NFTs being attached to both digital and physical (real world) items.

Of course, besides the convenience, there’ll also be inherent issues with NFT Artwork, so let’ s explore with a little Food for Thought...

Starting from the point of view that NFTs serve not only as an added layer for proof of ownership, but have many other possibilities that can behave as triggers for automating processes and providing unique experiences. 

Blockchain Business

Is Your Business Metaverse-Ready? 

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