Are We Really Aiming for a Semi-Decentralised Web Solution?

NFT Food for Thought.

NFT Domains for YOU!

Yes, it’s true, but I am not sure for how long. Unstoppable are offering a number of different blockchain domains, such as; .nft, ,blockchain,

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Colouring the Grey Areas of Minting Artwork as NFTs

One of the reasons why many people find crypto-currency appealing is because of it being a decentralised means of managing currency without the unnecessary fees and bottleneck induced by the ‘middle man’. i.e the banks...

However, how true is this? After all, there are still fees to pay, plus there are still a few unnecessary middle men...

The idea of gas fees and the environment.

The question to ask here is; If high gas fees indicate high power consumption for processing, and high power consumption is the current issue concerning crypto mining and its effect on the environment. Then isn’t paying high gas fees contributory to consciously harming the environment?

And then there is the one thing that privately and currently bothers me, and that is; If NFT Artworks are fundamentally based on the idea of scarcity and uniqueness.

And yet, there are many examples of collections of NFTart exceeding 1000s of iterations of a piece of artwork.

Now, unless I am missing out on a better understanding of scarcity, this practice, beyond a certain point, seems to contradict the concept, or at least adds to the ambiguity, of a “Non Fungible” item.

Okay, so whilst understanding the idea of owning a piece of art is pretty straightforward, what actually makes a piece of art valuable may depend on some of the qualities below:

  • it can be “popularised...”

i.e. based on celebrity status, brand or notional standards of quality and craftsmanship.

  • it is useable or can be repurposed...

As with conventional means of licensing artwork or music for third-party use. A practical NFT may need to be useable or allow for repurposing.

  • it has a historically noteworthy attachment

Some things are just collectable, Especially if there is an emotional or historically noteworthy attachment.

Please feel free to have your say below in the comments section and help contribute to consolidating a revised version of this topic.

What’s The Crypto-Currency Appeal?

Why Crypto-Currency is Such an Appealing Alternative to Using Conventional Banks?

Well, my story could go something like this;

Recently whilst my websites have been down due to a lack of funds, or rather, a kind of mix up between the 2 involved financial businesses.

You see, really the money was there but between the 2 middle men fighting for whatever could be had from a mere £40.

A short to-and-fro rally pursued from one financial business to the next, confusing what should have been a simple payment to a service provider.

So, to summarise, that is, 4 bodies in the equation;

i) the Bank,

ii) the online payment service,

iii) my hosting service provider, and

v) myself.


Conventional Banking = Small Business Killer?

All I needed to do was pay my website hosting service provider.

However, because of the 2 financial services involved, between the 2 of them, a simple transaction that normally takes a day. Will take, not the 3-5 days stated, but instead 7 days - just in time for my website files to be deleted from the servers of my hosting service provider.

Anyway, 2 things dawned on me during this time:

1) Why the idea of a decentralised currency is so appealing? and

2) Just how easily you can build a website presence using only Google tools...

As much as I was already fairly familiar with some of Google’s website building tools, it’s as if, they secretly upgraded everything whilst I was not looking.

NFT Beginner Surprise!

“As someone creating their own artwork for NFTs. I cannot afford upfront ‘Gas Fees’. And so, I was wondering...”

It wouldn’t surprise me if PayPal, and other platforms soon make crypto transactions more accessible...

So, how about by-passing the Listing process provided by an NFT platform and selling directly to a collector?

The collector can then mint the NFT themselves under agreed terms (whatever that might be).

So, in other words, operating in the conventional manner of an illustrator or designer, only that, you also have your artwork attached to a blockchain.

Considerations for how this may work:

For proof of ownership outside the blockchain environment; as the originator of a digital artwork, YOU, the artist, will also have access to the originating physical or editable digital file(s).

For example, if you create artwork using Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Designer, you will also have the only editable versions of that artwork.

Likewise, if you have digitised physical artwork, you will also have access to the originating material.

(How practical is this? maybe you can see something I don’t...)

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Watch these spaces.

Besides any updates that we will be providing here, there are current NFT movers you should keep an eye on, as their progress may well provide a clue to the the potential future of NFTs.

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