Affinity Vector Graphics

Creating a Professional Logo and Graphic Design Assets from Scratch.

Why vector graphics?

Allowing graphic artists to create vectorized drawings of their logo or other designs provides the benefit of being able to resize designs without the loss of visual quality

Although having a fairly long background with using Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer has now been a long standing first choice.

If you’ve used Adobe Illustrator, you’ll feel at home with Affinity Designer

What is a vector graphic?

A vector graphic is a type of image that is made up bézier curves. Which are a type of mathematical equation, rather than pixels. 

These equations create editable shapes and lines that can be resized without losing quality, making vector graphics is a popular choice for logos, illustrations, and other types of graphics that need to be resized or printed at different sizes. 

Here’s one we did earlier.  

This is an example of a multi-colored and tonal logo design created using bezier curves

Vector graphics are made by creating images with bezier curves.

Here’s another example we did earlier... 

This is NOT an example of a logo, but it does show part of an illustration created using bezier curves (see upper lip).