Affiliate Partnerships

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In short

Affiliate marketing is simply the act of promoting and selling products through an arrangement between two parties, normally; the merchant or brand and a service or individual.

As an individual or service you may promote and sell products which you do not actually own or hold as inventory for a commission.

As a merchant or brand, you will pay a commission to your affiliate partners for any sales or other conversions arising from their promotional efforts as agreed. 

How does it work?

You must first connect and form a relationship from your Impact Partnership Program Account (or other). 

So, as a merchant or brand you will assign each of your affiliate partners with a unique id. The Impact Partnership Program is equipped to help you do this.

Now, as an individual or service, all you need to do is share your unique affiliate or referral link alongside your relevant content or advertising.

You affiliate id is necessary for identifying where your marketing efforts gain traction. Your affiliate id must always be included within the URL you share with your audience.