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Creating Photographic
Assets from Scratch?

Introducing Luminar Neo

Since the first encounter with Skylum’s award-winning photo editing software back in 2008, we have always known that it would become an essential photo editing app for not just our image editing workflow, but also a first choice for other nimble creators.

Impressed with a portfolio of before and after images “kissed by Luminar” it’s tempting for photographers and photo-artists of all backgrounds to want to explore further, and especially with the curiosity that surrounds the use of AI technology.

Yes, it’s true, Luminar and in particular Luminar Neo has been designed with AI technology that works in the background to help eliminate, or solve major workload challenges, hence freeing up more time for creativity.

Why Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo’s AI engine allows the platform an unlimited number of creative possibilities, such as incorporating additional editing tools such as the HDR Merge extension. And all without a loss in performance. 

With HDR Merge, Luminar Neo makes an excellent one-stop solution for landscape and architectural photography.

Now, whilst both Luminar AI and Luminar Neo are powerful applications, it is Luminar Neo that provides that added extensibility.

With aims of developing Luminar Neo as a one-stop creative photo editing platform, what could be a more natural approach than to introduce the capability of adding custom functionality.

So, whilst you do not need Luminar Extensions to enjoy the benefits of Luminar Neo, the extensions do provide a convenient way to “plug-in” additional tools with specialized features.

All in all, Luminar Neo simplifies what would be complex and intricate tasks prior to committing your editing adjustments, whilst retaining access to your original image, or any of the steps along your editing journey. This is known as non-destructive editing.

Easily edit sky backgrounds and add detail to your main subject.

Luminar Neo - Extensions

As of January 1st 2023 there are 7 Luminar Neo Extensions available:

Increase the size of small images with pixel perfect upscaling

Remove background for any object

Remove image noise without affecting detail

High Dynamic Range photography at your disposal

Add extra sparkle to light sources in your images

The ultimate definition enhancer. Perfect for correcting blurred photos

Play with the optical depth of your images.


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