Luminar Extensions

Create Photographic
Assets from Scratch...

With names that are fairly self explanatory, Luminar Neo extensions allows you to go that extra mile with your image editing goals and capabilities without disrupting your current workflow.

For example you can restore damaged physical photos that have been digitized (scanned), improve low resolution images, or correct blurred photos and much, much more. And all with fewer clicks...

Create beautiful images as photographic creative assets for your portfolio, image-library, branding and marketing collateral... 

HDR Merge 

Background Removal AI

Supersharp AI

Magic Light AI

Focus Stacking AI

Noiseless AI

Introducing Luminar Neo Extensions

High Dynamic Range Photography

By taking multiple exposure bracketed images and then merging them into one HDR image, the HDR Merge extension can process up to 10 images at a time, into a single High Dynamic Range image.

This makes HDR Merge an ideal solution especially for photographers who specialize in landscape or architectural photos.

Additionally, with no “bracketing” needed. With the help of AI, Luminar artists can even create HDR images from a single photo.


Now, this is where the power of AI technology can clearly demonstrate its usefulness. With the Portrait Background Removal tool almost magically remove the background from your portrait subject.


For when you need to confidently save an image from distracting or unwanted noise. 


Supersharp AI

Taking the idea of focus to a next level with stabilizing software.



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