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A shortform creativity handbook based on the software-folder magazine-blog, tailored for nimble creators and hands-on business owners.

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Let’s use the term “content design” to define the wide and varying nature of creating communicative material in the wide ranging formats  that include anything from a website landing page to a simple social media post.

What is Content?

It’s what you use to reach out to an audience.

Essentially, content is the packaging of information and can exist in many forms. A website for example, is a magazine or publication of content, that may include multiple topics. 

One of the simplest forms of content to produce, besides text messaging, is probably the standard social media posts we all share with family, friends and collegues on platforms such as; LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tik-Tok and others.

However, as a creator you will probably want to produce branded social media posts with an intent for bringing awareness to a product or service. This requires added consideration for legal and quality issues and practices.

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