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The Crypto-Currency Appeal

One of the reasons why many people find crypto-currency appealing is because of it being decentralised means of managing cash without the unnecessary fees and bottleneck induced by the ‘middle man’. 

However, how true is this, there are still fees to pay and there are still middle men...

What are NFTs and Can I Eat Them?

As well as a means for proof of ownership, NFTs allow users to securely create, buy and sell items for crypto-currency.

NFT Artwork are digital files that have been attached to the Ethereum blockchain as a collectible or digital asset. The process is sometimes known as minting artwork.

Once an original artwork is added to a blockchain the Non Fungible Token ownership can be observed by collectors or anyone wishing to buy the NFT artwork.

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Surfing the internet for most things can prove to be a little more time-consuming and riskier than expected.

With so many different services and resource to choose from, finding the most reputable and noteworthy options amongst our best handpicked NFT related resource, so far, is a great place to start your journey...

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NFT Music

Generally speaking an NFT can be tied or attached to a number of different items including your music projects, and cover artworks. Overall there are many possibilities of how you can use NFTs. Some still waiting to be uncovered.

For example, an NFT can be an audio file for a song. Or, it can be just a sampled component of a song. Additionally, an NFT can be the “gateway” to a physical product or even an event.

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