Tropical Garden

Exploring Creative Photography with Luminar Neo Photo Editor


Image composition made from 2 images using Luminar Neo for initial colour correction, enhancement of detail and colour “mood”. And Affinity Photo for making the final composite.

Although the whole process could have been executed using Luminar Neo, the inclusion of Affinity Photo in the workflow was more a choice based on familiarity and the convenience of the free-form painting nature of pixel based software.

Weed Bug?

Image enhancements after single image HDR Merge processing using Luminar Neo

Wax Apple

With an almost heart-like shape, the Wax apple is a crispy textured apple flavoured fruit...


I think... Pumpkin

Garden of Ivy

Photos just how you imagined.

If it wasn’t for the concrete road, parked cars, and quaint houses at the end of this short trek, for a moment you would have sworn it was like walking through a tropical jungle...

Exploring Luminar - Editing Tip

Foreground image for composite...

...with background image.

Sniper Lizard

The tools used are saved for reference under the Edits tab from the Luminar dashboard.

Luminar Tip:
Image enhancements after single image HDR Merge processing using Luminar Neo.

What you may find particularly handy about the sleek minimalist interface of Luminar Neo, is the way that, whilst editing, you can quickly switch from; Tools for your current editing task at hand, or Edits, which provides you with access to the tools you have already used.

(tools used in order of application)

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