NFT Photography

Preparing your Photography Business for an NFT Future

Whether you are into the whole Non Fungible Token ‘rage’ or not, there isn’t any doubt that attaching your unique photography work to a blockchain, is a confirmatory action that artists can make as a means of publicly validating their ownership of the work they create. 

This, with additional material that only the originator will have access to, can help quickly establish ownership of any artwork.

Thinking Long-term

Whether as an artist, enthusiast or professional photographer, you may already be experiencing the potential of using the internet for, telling your stories or increasing sales through selling your work online.

This is especially true, if you have established a huge or healthy social media or website following. Or, you have your own client or customer based online photography business. 

However, the big question here is;
Are you making the most of your current efforts for the long-term?

Social Media

Now, whilst your social media following can look impressive, this is not always a measurement of how good or bad your photography is. But rather, a measure of how many relevant viewers have seen and decided to respond to your page or promotions. 

After all, let’s face it, the ways in which most social media platforms currently work, is that you need to “Pay to play”.  

In other words, without paying for ads, your content will not reach hardly anyone, in spite how large your existing following may be.

With this in mind, ensuring that you have your own website is essential. You may also have to familiarise yourself with Marketing and Promotion Packages as well as Client Management tools.

Where to start with minting your photography as an NFT?

If you feel pretty confident navigating the internet and already have a crypto-wallet, then first head-off to one of the recommended platforms below. Otherwise, use our guide, here, to start your introduction to NFTs and NFT Photography.

How to accept crypto-currency from your website.

Set up cryptocurrency payments infrastructure, track orders, and manage your crypto earnings with an easy-to-use crypto payment gateway

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